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HTC EVO Design 4G kernel source code released, possible launch on US Cellular? [Updated]


It's always a great day when HTC releases the kernel source code for more devices – remember when that first happened for the HTC EVO 4G, and all the great development that followed? Now, just a couple months after the release of the EVO Design 4G, HTC has released the kernel source code for this youngest member of the EVO family. This means we should start expecting custom kernels for this device anytime that enable some pretty nice features, including under- and overclocking.

What is most interesting to me, however, is it seems that HTC might have accidentally outed a new carrier for this device. As you can see, the screenshot above clearly lists a US Cellular version of the EVO Design 4G.

However, US Cellular doesn't mention the EVO Design anywhere on its website that I can find. Additionally, US Cellular has only begun building out their 4G LTE network recently, and coverage is quite limited right now. Still, if this turns out to be true, this will be great news for EVO fans across the country: US Celluar, while not yet available nationwide, is still a fantastic super-regional carrier that offers great perks like free charged battery exchanges, free incoming calls, and the potential to upgrade annually without signing a new contract (take that, Sprint!).

So is this all a big mistake, or is the EVO Design 4G really on it's way to US Cellular? Time will tell … but we'll let you know, too.

Update: Actually, the EVO Design 4G was rebranded as the HTC Hero S for US Cellular. And now that I think about it, I think I already knew that. I was really excited for a second, though.

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3 thoughts on “HTC EVO Design 4G kernel source code released, possible launch on US Cellular? [Updated]

  • Avatar of Frank Mejias

    HTC named it the Hero S for U.S. Cellular.

  • Ah! Ok. I think I knew that. I updated the article – thanks for reminding me! :)

  • Avatar of Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    Yeah, the Hero S on US Cellular is the EVO Design, but I want to know who out of the Associated Carrier Group also carries this phone? And is it called an Evo, Hero, or something else?


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