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HTC EVO View 4G bootloader unlock now officially supported by HTC

Evo-view-htcdevIf you have been waiting update your HTC EVO View 4G tablet to Honeycomb due to fears of not being able to root it in the future, or if you are an unfortunate soul who recently obtained an EVO View in one of the recent fire sales that was already updated to Honeycomb, you are in luck. Our favorite 7-inch tablet has just received root support from HTC via their official bootloader unlocking tool.

This is welcome news, especially since the EVO View has seen a lack of development from the root community, which means it was quite possible that Honeycomb on the View might never have been rooted.

Of course, this solution isn't ideal, as it requires you to register on HTC's developer site and risk voiding your warranty. It also still doesn't allow you to flash modified kernels, radios, etc. However, this actually doesn't matter as much on the View since, as I just mentioned, developer support has been lacking. At the very least, this gives you the ability to use root-only apps and make your own modifications to the stock ROM. Personally, I haven't seen any custom ROMs for the View I'm dying to flash, anyway, so this is fine by me. (I also have yet to see any horror stories of HTC rejecting warranty requests simply because a device was rooted using their method.)

So how many of you are rooting your Honeycomb Views using HTC's method?

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4 thoughts on “HTC EVO View 4G bootloader unlock now officially supported by HTC

  • Avatar of Ricardo

    So I bought my View a few days ago in one of those sales, and it is still running Gingerbread. I installed all previous updates, and the only one remaining is the Honeycomb one. So does this news mean that I can safely install the update, THEN root it using the tool? Or do I root it first, THEN install (or does it even matter)? Also, for reasons listed above, I am not planning on flashing any ROMS yet, but I definitely want to flash ICS on this baby if/when a ROM is made available for the View. Would I still be able to do this? Also, is there any word that the View would be able to run ICS at all?

    Thanks a ton!

  • Avatar of Ricardo

    By “Able to run” I also mean will it be getting ICS at all? lol

  • Avatar of Hoa Le

    so, I tried the HTC’s instructions on their web site, and my HTC EVO 4G View stuck after I ran the command below, any help would be greatly apreciate:
    C:Android-htc>fastboot oem get_identifier_token


  • Avatar of James

    So I was able to complete this and my phone is now unlocked, but it is not rooted. I have Honeycomb OTA can anyone help me root?


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