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HTC has workaround for its alleged Apple patent infringement

Htc-logoIn spite of the ITC's recent ruling in favor of Apple that had the potential to ban the import of some HTC devices, it looks like it will be smooth sailing ahead for HTC. This is due to a workaround that HTC has apparently already finished and is testing on affected devices right now.

According to HTC CEO Peter Chou, the technology that allegedly infringes on Apple's patent is "actually quite rarely used," making it that much easier to patch.

The patent in question involves a device's ability to recognize phone numbers and addresses in web pages and emails and thus show them as a link, which can then open the appropriate app. At this point, there's no word on exactly what HTC's workaround is, but rest assured that they are ready to implement it well before their April 2012 deadline.

In other words, Apple just spent a lot of money litigating against HTC, and HTC will continue to sell their phones in the US.

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