Kickstarter spotlight: UPPRCASE and lowrCASE

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I wish the Android tablet case market was as ridiculously saturated as that of the iPad. Just when you thought that every case design ever had been released for the thing, someone comes along and does it slightly differently. The UPPRCASE and lowrCASE cases on Kickstarter are based on the idea of adding a handle to the iPad for hanging it, standing it, and carrying it. The handle comes attaches to a full front/back case with the UPPRCASE or a back-only Smart Cover compatible lowrCASE. Around the edges of the case is a metal handle that can be used for various things.

Hardly a revolutionary case, but it’s better than most of what’s come out lately. The handle should prove useful in quite a few situations, and the ability to fasten the cover part of the UPPRCASE to the back so it can be used as a sleeve for your hand in order to hold the iPad grip-free is in itself a very useful feature. Having an option that is Smart Cover compatible is also nice for all those who already have that for their iPad…or “everyone who has an iPad” as it’s also called. $50 will get you the lowrCASE while the UPPRCASE is another $10. Unfortunately this is yet another one of those Kickstarter projects that fail massively in terms of international shipping, demanding a horrible $25 extra fee for doing so. One of these days, USPS needs to do something about all these companies who use couriers. Anyways, they need to raise another $15000 in the next 18 days, so head over there and pledge if you find the idea interesting.

Video after the break courtesy of some less than brilliant changes to how Kickstarter does video embedding.


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