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RAM Manager optimizes RAM on your rooted HTC EVO


Remember when the first app you installed on your HTC EVO 4G was Advanced Task Killer? You wanted to save battery life and killing apps is the way to go, right?

Well, we've checked out the facts and believe that besides managing rogue apps that kill your battery for no reason, there isn't a real need for extra task killing in Android. It seems HTC doesn't agree, though, because when Sense 3.0 showed up on the HTC EVO 3D, a Task Manager was built-in. Although handy, the official HTC Task Manager served the same purpose as Advanced Task Killer, which isn't great. 

RAM optimization scripts are actually the best tools out there because they take full advantage of Android's built-in task killing routine and help you stretch your battery life a little more. 

One of the easiest ways to optimize your RAM can now be done with Juwe11's RAM Manager, which is a simple app. Juwe11 makes a RAM optimization script (similar to V6 Supercharger) that is actually cooked into a couple EVO ROMs out there (Team Nocturnal's Stock E4G Edition, Swagged Out Stock), but the free version of his app will add an updated version of this script to any EVO ROM.

Ram-manager-qrThere is also a paid version ($1.95) that has many, many options. Whether you are looking to stretch your battery life, stop Sense from crashing, get better multitasking, or improve the gaming experience, the paid version may be the right version for you.

But the free version is a definitely a good start. 

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