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ROM Picks: IceCream Sense 1.0 for HTC EVO 4G

Screenshot-1322029241450[1]If you've been craving Google's newly released  Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) on your HTC EVO 4G . . .well, you'll have to wait just a bit longer as development is still ongoing. But if you don't care about the underlying framework and just want the look and feel of the soon-to-be completely ported OS, then you can get that right now on your rooted EVO with IceCream Sense 1.0 by 00McD00.

While some might feel that an ICS clone is about the same as slapping a body kit on a Pinto and calling it a BMW, it's important to note that it's a fully functioning Pinto with AC, and current real ICS ports are a Ferrari that spontaneously ejects the passenger when the left turn signal is switched on and only runs on typewriter ribbons and carbon paper.

IceCream Sense is exactly what you would imagine that HTC will produce in the upcoming official ICS release for the EVO 3D. It looks beautiful, it functions as well as most HTC EVO 4G ROMs, and everything should be working out of the box.

It comes with the ICS keyboard, Carrier IQ removed, native screenshot functionality, advance power menu, CRT animations, Roboto Font, Nexus Boot Animation, sounds, volume rocker screen wake, full HDMI mirroring, and much, much more.

If you want ICS looks in a daily driver ROM, then you should check this one out and let us know what you think of it.

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16 thoughts on “ROM Picks: IceCream Sense 1.0 for HTC EVO 4G

  • Just wanted to hope on real quick and say I loved equating ICSense to a Pinto with AC and the current ports like a Ferarri that just… eject the passenger.

    that was great. lol

  • Is there a good pics skin for go launcher? I mean one that really is worthwhile? I don’t want to commit to a new rom . :)

  • “Ics” autocorrects to pics under the ics keyboard. Neato.

  • I just installed and gmail broke

  • Everything else seems to work, except gmail. Going to try a different apk see if that fixes it. Fast and so far stable.

  • Avatar of Benny G

    I have Gmail and it’s working just fine here. Just flashed this rom an hour ago.

  • nope, 4G only… there are a couple of ICS alpha builds but they’re further back along the path…

    3D will come soon enough

  • Avatar of Adrian

    I don’t use gmail because it’s ugly app. I use the exchange sync for gmail.. Does it work?

  • TypePad HTML Email
    Everything *should* be working – only 1 person has reported gmail not working, and that might be due to a dalvik cache error or something… not sure

  • I had another couple of paragraphs that I had to cut to make it fit that involved plywood spoliers and occasionally having to get out, run around the Ferrari but only if you stopped at a yellow light.

    It didn’t add much thoug

  • Avatar of mrazekan

    Just loaded this ROM. I initially had problems getting everything to work. So I went back and did a factory reset + Cache/Dalvik/Battery wipe, then flashed the rom. I also flashed the mail fix zip.

    The ROM is smooth and fast. I’ve been running synergy (non god mode) for months and was really disappointed in how laggy and unresponsive it was. This one is quick. But then again, it may have been due to the number of apps I had loaded. The factory refresh may have taken care of the lag.

    Good luck!

  • Avatar of Nise

    the keyboard doesn’t work with this ROM. what did I do wrong? :(

  • From the first post of the link:

    -My keyboard wouldn’t come up on first boot, again for no apparent reason, worked fine after a reboot.
    *FIX: after first boot go to menu>settings>language&keyboard>Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard>Input language and select a language. People have said this fixes it.

  • Avatar of mrazekan


    Looking for another ROM. I travel frequently and need to have a wireless tethering solution for the devices I carry. Wireless Tethering is not working with this ROM. I will likely try EVO Classic (


  • might want to try configuring wifi tether…

    set to device EVO 4G, check box that says fix wifi for some HTC devices… (may be labeled differently)

    wifi tethering is a function between the Wifi Tether app and the kernel, so fixing either one of those should fix it.


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