ROM Picks: Team-Nocturnal's Shooter E3D for HTC EVO 4G


Having been on an HTC EVO 3D for the past few months and being rather fond of Rosie on the 3D Sense ROMs, I've been playing around on the 4G looking for the perfect replacement ROM for my wife's 4G that contains those features.

Shooter E3D Release 4 is a ROM for the EVO 4G that takes all of the Sense 3.0 goodness the EVO 3D has, and makes it work as well or better on the 4G.

Other than a very slight lag right after waking the phone up, I have not noticed any launcher differences between this ROM on my EVO 4G and a similar Sense 3.0 ROM on the EVO 3D. And that lag was actually on the stock HTC kernel, so there's no telling what performance increase a different kernel might bring to the table.

Visually there are differences between Shooter E3D and the stock EVO 3D. There's semi-transparency everywhere on this ROM, the sides of homescreen elements appear flattened (Sense 3.0 widgets have sides and layers on the EVO 3D), some things look significantly cooler on this ROM, and some not so much.

For completely working Sense 3.0 ROMs on the EVO 4G, I think this one leads the pack.

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As of this writing, the main development page has not updated to reflect the new download link for Release 4, which you can find on page 769 or download here.

I've been playing with the previous R3 release on and off the past couple of days and have loved it. If you're looking for a Sense 3.0 daily driver on your HTC EVO 4G, this has speed and stability and most of the features you need right out of the box.

The current buglist is one text item, Titanium Backup incorrectly reporting RAM, and the System Tweaks app not being able to reboot the phone. Not too bad for a bug list, if you ask me. Everything I've tried so far works; however, I cannot test out 4G or the built-in hotspot so your mileage may vary.

There are two things I've discovered I don't particularly like about this ROM: the startup boot screen and the Swype that was included with it. Fortunately both of these are changeable, although I think I will leave the boot screen as is. As for Swype – bye-bye, stock Swype; hello, beta.

So try it out for yourself, and let us know if anything's not working. The devs seem to have put a lot of time and effort into making this thing rock, and it has a fairly large following considering the development page nears 800 pages.

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