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Rooted HTC EVO 3D gets Ice Cream Sandwich ports for Christmas

11x05101719[1]A couple of Ice Cream Sandwich ports for the CDMA HTC EVO 3D appeared in development threads late Christmas/early Boxing Day. While we've seen a lot of action on the EVO 4G in the ICS arena before then, the same couldn't be said for the EVO 3D.

Both new ROMs are at very early stages of development, meaning a lot of stuff does not work yet. So unlike the EVO 4G ICS ports, they're not usable as daily drivers yet; but they're a good start.

If you're interested in seeing where CDMA ICS development is at, you can check out JoelZ9614's 4.0.3 ICS build or Kushdeck's Pre-Alpha1 ICS build. Of course, if you're one of our GSM EVO 3D brothers or sisters, then you've had an ICS 4.0.1 port in public development for nearly a month now by developer m-deejay.

Remember that these people are working for free and are in no way obligated to fix your phone if you break it while playing with their software. And if you're not tossing them coin, please toss some praise their way for working to get ICS on our EVOs before Sprint/HTC does.

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