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Spirit HD is an easy and addictive retro-inspired game


As anyone keeping up with Google's $0.10 apps knows, there have been a lot of really cool apps, games, and live wallpapers available for a dime lately.

One of the best games to pop up is Spirit HD. If you're the type of person that gets addicted to simple games like Angry Birds, it isn't a bad alternative to fill your fix. I think 148apps puts it best when they said that these are "the sort of visuals you can’t really explain in full details, other than to say they look pretty damn gorgeous."

Marco Mazzoli, the developer, has really provided a high quality game here, with stunning graphics and very intuitive controls. You move Spirit with twirls of your finget to get rid of the bad guys; the rest you'll figure out through experience. There are 3 game modes to play: Classic, Extreme (which is extreme), and Pulse (a totally different experience from the latter two modes). 

Above, you can see what Spirit looks like in action on an HTC EVO 4G (it looks great on the EVO 3D as well). Below are some screenshots.

Spirit1 Spirit2

A few days ago, if you were lucky, you could have grabbed the app for $0.10. Even though it isn't a that price anymore, you can still grab the app for the discounted price of a penny under a dollar.

If you want a new game to play when you have some spare time, Spirit HD is the way to go. 

Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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