Sprint 4G LTE devices coming in H2 2012


The picture above might show what will happen to you once you hop onto Sprint's forthcoming 4G LTE network, but unfortunately, you'll have to wait for a little while for your phone to blow your face off your face. 

Sprint Chief Financial Officer Joseph Euteneuer today stated that he expects the company's 4G LTE devices will start hitting the market in the second half of 2012. Earlier this year, Sprint had slated for the same devices to reach consumers' hands by midsummer. 

When Sprint's ready to roll out devices, there will be 15 of them to choose from. Who will get the lucky opportunity to be able to utilize them to their fullest potential, you ask? Well, Sprint's planning to cover 120 million subscribers by the end of 2012, and 250 million by the end of 2013. 

Unlimited data will still be a selling point for the CDMA carrier, although one caveat of that is the fact that all unlimited data would route itself through the current "4G" network that Sprint runs: WiMAX.

Time will tell, though, if that even matters. It's just nice to see all the carriers trying to compete more directly, which will certainly turn out just fine for the consumers.


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