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Sprint beefs up its network in wake of iPhone overload

Lots-of-iphonesIn the wake of a flood of iPhone users rushing to Sprint for unlimited smartphone data, Sprint has recently said that it is rolling out "network enhancements" that are designed to improve 3G data speeds. Could this be what that mysterious service update a few weeks ago was all about?

According to Fared Adib (you might remember him as the guy who's responsible for making much of the Sprint bloatware removable on newer HTC EVO devices), "Initial customer response to the improvements has been very positive. Sprint continues to monitor device and network performance to ensure that customers get the performance they expect from our products."

Whatever Sprint is doing seems to be working, at least for some people. I personally have noticed speed improvements where I spend most of my time, but complaints still run rampant from Sprint users across the country concerning slow data speeds. Just keep in mind: the US is a very big nation, and Sprint's running a very large network. It seems that they are making improvements as fast as they can, so if your speeds are still slow as molasses, just remember that you might be next in line, and patience is a virtue.

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