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Sprint confirms 4G LTE phone in second half of 2012

Joe-uteneuerYesterday, Sprint's Chief Financial Officer Joe Euteneuer confirmed Sprint's plans to begin offering 4G LTE devices "in the second half" of 2012. Previously, Sprint stated that it expected to introduce 4G LTE devices sometime in the summer of 2012.

While this most recent statement certainly doesn't change much (July is still the summer, and is in the second half of 2012), it does leave open the possibility that initial device launches might not happen quite as early as originally expected.

Fear not, though, because Euteneuer said that Sprint is still on track to cover 120 million people with LTE by the end of 2012, and 250 million by the end of 2013. Additionally, Sprint will offer Clearwire a bonus of $350 million over two years if it keeps its promise to deliver LTE to the markets that need it most.

This news also comes at the same time that Sprint has finally deployed its first multi-mode base station in New Jersey, which provides better coverage and capacity with lower operating costs. It certainly seems that Network Vision is well underway!

So, with all this good network news coming from Sprint, let's continue our speculation about exactly what a 4G LTE EVO might look like…

[Engadget | Sprint]
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18 thoughts on “Sprint confirms 4G LTE phone in second half of 2012

  • I hate Sprint. They need to increase 3G speeds. ESPECIALLY IN WACO!!!

  • Avatar of RagginMAMA

    PLEASE oh please! Be a dual or better core proccessor phone with a large screen and a great camera, and last but MOST DEFFINATLY not least… I WANT MY KICKSTAND! such a useful thing, ok ok I know it gets hot lol and can overheat the phone a bit, but still… I love it!

  • Avatar of Joel Morales

    Never had an issue with Sprint and it seems I’ll be sticking with them for a while longer. 3G speeds here in Fabens, TX are fairly good, though I dont use mobile data that much since I have a wireless network at home, I’m always connected to that, so 3G data speed has never been an issue :D…go Sprint haha


  • I hope the next evo comes with a quadcore and LTE 4G connectivity on a slick softkey-less 4.5 with ICS baked into it would be worthy successor in the EVO line

  • Avatar of Doug Fiedor

    Why should I believe anything Sprint says? They have been charging me an extra $10 a month to (they said) develop a system I have never seen or used. Let’s face it, Sprint lied.

    As much as I’d like to keep my EVO 4G, I’ll be giving it up next spring when the contract is up and getting away from Sprint. And that goes for my whole family.

  • just give us the galaxy nexus in july for 199 (or less) and ill be happy.

    altough, by then I suspect HTC will have skinned sense for ICS

  • I was hoping for a sooner date because I have an upgrade on one of my lines. I’d like to see an evo lte with a 720p display and a quad core rocking beats audio and ics.

  • Avatar of biker1

    What more can I say at this point, other then I’ll Believe it When I See it.
    Sprint has a Looooooong History of Not Delivering the Goods, as they say.
    For now, I’ll deal with the Sloooooow 3G speeds, as well as the non existent 4G, as well as continuing to pay the $10 surcharge……… at least for the time being.
    And I gotta say that I’m Extremely Satisfied with my SE4GT.

  • Avatar of Waydaddy

    Loved my Evo, Hated Sprint! I had to leave. I was paying $190 a month for two Evo’s. Didn’t get service anywhere in Florida. Sprint the NOT Now Network!!! Maybe in Mid 2012!!!

  • Avatar of satur9

    This is all well & good, but will these devices also contain Carrier IQ?

  • By the time all of this litigation is done with I think we’ll receive an opt out or on ota update for existing devices and I highly doubt that carrier iq will still be in business.

  • I’ve gone through an EVO and now have the 3D still no 4G in Kentucky. I was in NY last weekend and 4G went in and out and my battery on my phone drained much more than normal but I had extra batteries so it wasn’t a problem. I have one more upgrade coming in June that I have to use by the end of the year. I would like one more better EVO with yes Quad Core more internal and bring back the kickstand. But I have so many nice accessories for my 3D. This 4G LTE stuff I may never see it here just like 4G never came here.

  • I know what the next so-called EVO will look like. It will be the latest quad-core all-metal case superphone HTC made for the European GSM market — BUT – when it gets over here, HTC/Sprint will put a plastic case on it, remove the FM radio, add 1″ of blank space on the top and bottom of the front (to make it look more like iphone), smaller battery, weaker camera, lower screen resolution and… oh yeah the new feature that “forced” them to make all those cuts **SPRINT 4G LTE (coming soon to you area)** That’s how HTC will justify making a knock-off of their own freakin’ phone. Until the iphone gets a kickstand, no Android manufacturer is going to consider doing it again. Of course, Apple will subsequently patent the kickstand, thus preventing anyone from using it in the future.

  • Avatar of Shadnix

    I think that a new EVO should have a quad-core processor, and Mirasol Display(or something better), and a Kickstand… anything short of that, I will be dissapointed

  • Avatar of Maverik22

    I am not quite sure what your problem in Florida was. I live in Florida & have been with Sprint for over 10 years & I too owned the EVO 4G & the EVO 3D & have NEVER had a problem with coverage in Florida & that includes some pretty rural areas.

  • Avatar of Bravo

    I loved the EVO 4G, it’s the reason I signed a 2 yr contract w/Sprint. I now have he EVO 3D and like it I don’t love it. The only issue I had with my EVO 4G was the 3G speed was horrible, which I thought was just Sprint until I got the 3D. The 3G speed is great but the phone it self has many glitches. Turns off by it’s self for some reason, the navigation can’t find the satilite, the camera screen is black sometimes when I try to load the app and the home screen freezes every once in a while for some reason… Like I said no issues with my EVO 4G though. The next EVO better be right or I’m going back to MetroPCS.

  • I have Sprint Nexel prepaid. The 3G speeds in the Philadelphia Tri State work well. I always seem to have service no matter where I go. Overall I think they are an incredible value considering I get unlimited everything for less than $50 a month. Phones are decent, not top quality but decent. If they would offer a pre paid iPhone they would be an unstoppable force in the industry.


  • Avatar of your_mom_is

    ^^^What an idiot. The kickstand getting hot actually cools the phone down, like when you put a piece of metal on top of a CPU, aka heatsink. Crawl back in your dumbhole.


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