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TeamWin announces imminent release of Recovery Project 2 (TWRP2)


Kevank of TeamWin recently announced that they're wrapping things up and expecting a holiday release of the TeamWin Recovery Project, version 2. TWRP2 is a graphical version of recovery that allows extensive theming, touch-screen input, and presumably compressed backups and queued multi-zip flashing like the original TWRP does.

While a fully graphical recovery is probably not going to make too much difference to those familiar with the 3-button plain-text methods of recovery we use now, for those just entering the root world, or those with bad/sticking buttons, it should be a welcome Christmas present.

TeamWin released a Recovery Project Themer's Build two weeks ago for developers who want to hit the ground running with fully-themed recoveries, and what you can do with it looks fairly impressive for recovery. Your favorite ROM can now have its own recovery theme in addition to theming every other software aspect of the phone.

Hopefully we can wake up to see a fully functioning ICS build for the HTC EVO 4G and 3D, along with a shiny new TeamWin recovery in our stockings this Christmas.

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2 thoughts on “TeamWin announces imminent release of Recovery Project 2 (TWRP2)

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    Yup – newer piece should be on the main page at the moment.TWRP works on 4Gs, takes a while to boot (94 seconds) but once it does it flies. Supposedly it uses dual cores on the 3D to compress data during a nandroid, but I don’t know about that.


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