Transformer Prime “Smart Cover” isn’t magnetic

Our lawsuit-governed world makes sense again. I love the iPad 2 Smart Cover, so it was with mixed feelings that I reported on the Asus Transformer Prime’s seemingly direct ripoff a few weeks ago. I want every tablet out there to have a Smart Cover, but know that’s not realistic in terms of ensuing lawsuits. A new video posted by Asus Taiwan shows that the cover isn’t actually magnetic at all, but instead attaches with two clips that go into the same slots that the keyboard dock uses. Makes sense, though these clips weren’t visible from any of the pictures available when it first leaked, so I assumed it was magnetic.

While this difference makes sense considering that these dock holes already exist and that it will perhaps save them a lawsuit or two, I have to wonder if the resulting cover will be as useful. There’s no demonstration of a automatic sleep/wake feature in the video, suggesting that there isn’t any. If the over isn’t magnetic, you also can’t stick magnetic accessories (read: Maglus and its ripoffs) to it. I would also assume that it will take a bit more work to get the cover on and off the tablet than with magnets, though it will likely stay on better too.

Either way, I’d rather have this cover than no such cover at all. I’ve been missing the Smart Cover like crazy on my Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus so at this point any semi-smart cover is welcome.

[Asus Taiwan (Facebook)]
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