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US Senate launches investigation into Carrier IQ

Al-frankenPardon my French, but it looks like the sh*t has really hit the fan for Carrier IQ. Thanks to the enterprising work of Android developer and security analyst Trevor Eckhart (who's only 25, by the way), Senator Al Franken (chairman of the Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology, and the Law) has sent a letter to Carrier IQ President and CEO Larry Lenhart inquiring about the nature of its software, and why the company seems to be lying through their teeth.

Franken writes: "I am very concerned by recent reports that your company's software – pre-installed on smartphones used by millions of Americans – is logging and may be transmitting extraordinarily sensitive information from consumers' phones … It also appears that an average user would have no way to know that this software is running – and that when the user finds out, he or she will have no reasonable means to remove or stop it. … These actions may violate federal privacy laws, including the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. This is potentially a very serious matter."

You can read the full text of the letter below, which includes a list of all the allegations made by Trevor Eckhart himself, as well as a long list of questions that Carrier IQ is required to answer by December 14.

This story is starting to get even juicier.

[US SenateThanks, Timmy!

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17 thoughts on “US Senate launches investigation into Carrier IQ

  • Avatar of Yakawamaz

    Too bad Al Franken’s complete douche.

  • I wish Franken was Senator for my district, he’d certainly have my vote!

    I’m anxious to see how CarrierIQ answers these questions. They are either in a heap of trouble, or they are going to point the finger at the one that is (carrier, manufacturer, etc).

  • Avatar of tivomyevo

    Watch the Carriers and manufacturers hang CarrierIQ out to dry. It should be noted that they are the ones really responsible for this.

  • Avatar of Matthew

    I would rather poo in my own hand than be carrierIQ right now.

  • Avatar of robisthename

    About time.. one of the very few times I might support a senators cause.

  • Hahahahahahaha!! Awesome.

  • Before you think Franken is a good guy, realize that he is a cosponsor of SOPA, which is something that EVERYONE on this site should hate (assuming you like a free internet that is not dictated by the courts!).
    If Franken had an inkling of a conscience or technical knowledge then he would hate everything SOPA-related. Instead, he sponsored the bill!

    Don’t hate SOPA/PIPA yet? Read up (and figure out why it is the greatest threat to electronic communication the nation has ever seen):

    It’s disgusting to see how politicians play stupid games.
    SOPA would have potentially allowed CIQ to take down all DNSes related to TrevE’s finding by claiming to a court that he used CIQ material illegally (like CIQ lied/claimed he did)…and now Franken is pretending to be on TrevE’s side?

  • Avatar of biker1

    Carrier IQ can eat Shat and screw themselves now.
    These Pompous morons will soon pay the piper.
    They tried to Bully TrevE, which Failed, and now they will have to answer to a Higher Power.
    And the rep that used to post his BS excuses here will see what it’s really like to get REAMED!
    And to the Brainiacs that tried to Roll Over TrevE, if it weren’t were your Dumbarse decision to do so, you may have not had to answer to the Congress.
    In a way the best thing for us was that you Tried to Shut TrevE down, and Failed. Now it looks like you will get shut down.
    And let’s not forget that HTC and Sprint are not innocent on all this, and hopefully they will be implicated, and have to answer for their roll on all this.
    Power to TrevE. I’m sure we’ll all see him Testify, and how sweet that will be.
    PAYBACK Truly us a BITCH!!

  • Avatar of Frank

    Regardless of the Senator’s dubious politics, this is EXACTLY the right consumer-dictated approach that we should applaud… They’re supposed to work for the people and that’s what he’s doing, even if he’s pandering. Telling people to buy a Nexus if they didn’t like CarrierIQ or hoping carriers thenselves would hear our complaints was pointless, a little government scrutiny was the necessary course of action.

  • Not sure how they will blame CarrierIQ for this… it was the carriers/manufactures who are using CarrierIQ software (after insisting that it be installed on the phones).
    Just because CarrierIQ makes this horrible software doesn’t make them guilty of hiding it on the phone..

    IMO, we just have to “thank” our carriers for this crap

  • Avatar of C.T Alex

    Yeah Buddy. About time this gets kicked up another notch. I thank TrevE for his gold mine of a find. No one should have the right to know any of your personal information unless you so choose to share it with that person or person’s. I also think that every person who owns a phone with this crap secretly installed should be awarded some kind of monetary damages. I cant wait to see what kind of lame excuse they come up with.

  • Avatar of nascaraddict

    Going after Carrier IQ is only part of the problem, as they are the creator of the software and HTC and Sprint are the vehicle that’s the bigger issue! HTC and Sprint are the ones that have put this crap on our phones. Without them, Carrier IQ would have to hack into our phones individually.
    I’m glad this is getting the attention we all deserve. Now let’s see how long it takes for HTC and Sprint to rectify this for fear of serious lawsuits!

  • Avatar of C.T Alex

    If this keeps escalating as it probably will, it should go Federal. Everyone responsible for this “EXTREME” serious invasion of privacy shall be held accountable for there roll in this matter.

  • Avatar of Robert542

    Any manufacturer and carrier that requires this software should also be answering these questions. I am glad carrier iq is getting slammed, but they just developed the software. The guilty parties here are the manufacturers and carriers. Without them requiring this software it would not be on our phones.


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