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webOS may be coming to the HTC EVO 3D someday

Evo3d-webosGetting Android up and running on devices that natively run another mobile operating system is nothing new, but it's not often that the opposite is done.

Recently, HP announced that they will be making webOS, their failed mobile operating system, open source, which allows the development community to pick it apart just as they have done with Android (and make it cooler). Obviously, then, it was inevitable that webOS would find its way onto Android devices.

And guess which one has the honor of being the first to test drive the OS. Yep, the HTC EVO 3D. It has similar internal specs to the HP Touchpad, and a developer named Ryan Hope was able to get webOS to boot on it.

Apparently, the pic you see here is actually "a few months old," meaning he was able to get webOS to boot before it was even open source. Hope said he plans to continue development once the source is completely released, so maybe one day we'll have to ask EVO 3D users not just which ROM they're running, but which operating system!

Now, don't plan on seeing a download of this anytime soon. Just like early ICS ports, nothing works on this bad boy. No radios, no touch screen, no nothing! Even so, this is very promising and pretty darn cool. I'm still a huge Android fan, but I welcome as many options as possible to have on my devices.

Keep it up, developers!

[Twitter via The Verge]
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