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AnthraX V2 is Chad Goodman’s latest HTC EVO 3D kernel offering

NobeatsWe've posted some of the wonders of Chad Goodman's kernels before, but in the past month a couple of the features of his kernels got him in some hot water, presumably with HTC/Qualcomm. Specifically, he received a couple of cease and desist letters for using some of their code. Throw in a dash of other developer drama and a sick cat, and you ended up with the AnthraX w/Beats line of kernels disappearing from the face of the net for a bit.

Well, he's back now with AnthraX V2 offerings for the CDMA and GSM HTC EVO 3D based off of the HTC kernel code. While he is not allowed to incorporate Beats technology or use the Qualcomm chipset code, what he's produced since being forced to re-engineer the thing from the ground up last week has been a surprisingly responsive and stable kernel.

The kernel itself comes in ICS, AOSP, and Sense 3.0/3.5 flavors. Features include USB host mode, ZSL camera mods, overclocked FSB, HBR Bluetooth drivers, CIFS/NTFS file system support, TUN/VPN, and two-way call record, to name just a few.

I've been running this overclocked to 1.5GHz/performance gov for the past 37 hours with no blips, hiccups, reboots, or heat issues, which is actually quite a bit better (for me) than the Qualcomm-based kernel offerings he had previously supplied. Your EVO's response may vary.

One of the interesting quirks about this line of kernels is, and has always been, that it scores pretty badly on the Quadrant Standard tests. Although those numbers aren't the end-all of what is and is not a good kernel, they're often reflective of performance. In this case, however, they once again do not seem to be. Games play screamingly even though Quadrant says my EVO is performing like it has a brick tied to it.

I can't really comment on battery life because, well, if you stick it into 1.5GHz and turn off all power saving governor features then you're not one to talk, but even locked to performance it hasn't been killing my phone.

If you're still in possession of his old Beats kernel, you might want to hold onto it. Anyone who downloaded it before it was pulled off the net can still use it for full the Beats experience, so if you're a Beatsophile, that's probably what you want running on your EVO. Because sadly, the Beats will not go on.

[AnthraX Project Page]
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