Asus working on bootloader unlock tool for Transformer Prime

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The Transformer Prime news are piling on this week, but that’s not surprising considering it’s such a hot device. Only yesterday we posted about how Asus is facing heat for locking the Prime’s bootloader and in doing so hindering and major consumer tinkering with the device. Enraged users started a war against Asus on social network sites, and it turned out to be one of the shortest wars ever. Today, Asus posted on its Facebook page that they would release a tool to unlock the bootloader:

Regarding the bootloader, the reason we chose to lock it is due to content providers’ requirement for DRM client devices to be as secure as possible. ASUS supports Google DRM in order to provide users with a high quality video rental experience. Also, based on our experience, users who choose to root their devices risk breaking the system completely. However, we know there is demand in the modding community to have an unlocked bootloader. Therefore, ASUS is developing an unlock tool for that community. Please do note that if you choose to unlock your device, the ASUS warranty will be void, and Google video rental will also be unavailable because the device will be no longer protected by security mechanism.

Nice of Asus to respond so quickly, though they hardly had a choice with the major campaign that was started against the company. Then again, I can think of a certain company with a fruit as a logo that wouldn’t have bothered.

[Facebook via Liliputing]
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