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BT Controller lets you use one Android device as a gamepad for another


One of the coolest things you can do with any Android device is play old school games using emulators. My personal favorites are NBA Jam for the Super Nintendo and Mario Kart 64 for the Nintendo 64. Unfortunately, unless you have an Android tablet, playing emulators on your HTC EVO can sometimes be a little awkward.

We've mentioned a few ways to making things a little easier, like a DIY EVOcade, EVO-Tainment gaming system, or using a PS3 controller. However, you need to be rooted and running an AOSP ROM to get any of these solutions to work. 

But now there's BT Controller, a nifty little app that doesn't require root and turns one of your Android devices (e.g., EVO 3D) into a gamepad while letting you use another Android device (e.g., EVO View or EVO 4G) as the "screen" to display your games.

BtcontThis is perfect if you're on-the-go with both an EVO 4G and 3D, as you can flip out the kickstand on the 4G and use the 3D as the controller. Or, switch it up for those more intense games that require the second core in the EVO 3D or a bigger screen of whatever Android tablet you have on hand. No matter how you figure out the setup, BT Controller may be the solution you are looking for when it comes to playing old school games when you're away from your computer or favorite gaming console.

The app has been confirmed to work with the most popular emulators available for Android, but your mileage may vary (depending on which games you're trying to play). Have fun!

The paid version of BT Controller is $0.99, which removes the ads that are in the free version linked below.

Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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2 thoughts on “BT Controller lets you use one Android device as a gamepad for another

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    The need to invent a display that allows you to feel the button on the screen.

  • You can also use, Bluez IME Setting, and its totally free.


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