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Class 10 16GB microSD card on sale for $10 after rebate from Newegg

Patriot-16gb-cardAre you a fan of downloading a lot of apps on your HTC EVO? Me too. When your internal memory gets full, do you move those apps to your microSD card? Again, me too.

Now, check what class your card is (it's that little circled number). Is it a 2 or 4? For best performance, you really should be running a faster (and thus higher class) card for apps-to-SD. 

A lot of us scoff at throwing out $50+ for a Class 10 card, but guess what. Newegg is selling a 16GB Patriot (yes, not some generic Chinese brand from eBay) LX Series Class 10 microSDHC card for $19.99 with free shipping. And when you complete a mail-in rebate (thorough instructions here), you get a $10 credit good for anything at, bringing the final price down to an incredible $9.99.

I haven't quite decided if I will be grabbing one for myself, but this is definitely a steal when it comes to removable media. The deal appears to be going until February 1, so you've only got a couple of days left to make up your mind.

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