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ClockworkMod Touch now available for HTC EVO 4G and EVO 3D

ClockworkmodIf you're excited about the prospect of a functional touch-based custom recovery, and you weren't too thrilled about the possibility of TWRP 2.0 bricking your phone, then read on: ClockworkMod has just released ClockworkMod Touch for both the original HTC EVO 4G and the EVO 3D, which they're touting as the "most advanced ClockworkMod Recovery available."

You might remember that ClockworkMod actually brought us one of the first ever custom recoveries available for Android, in addition to some pretty useful apps like ROM Manager (one of our original ten must-have root apps), DeskSMS, and ClockworkMod Tether. So obviously, anything that has the name "ClockworkMod" attached to it is well-respected and highly trusted, and for good reasons.

You can get this touch-based version of ClockworkMod Recovery by downloading the latest version of ROM Manager, and then purchasing it for $1.99 through the app (you can pay with the Android Market or PayPal). Alternately, you can download it yourself directly from ClockworkMod and manually flash it in fastboot. And be sure to let us know your impressions!

Thanks, Brandon!

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11 thoughts on “ClockworkMod Touch now available for HTC EVO 4G and EVO 3D

  • I’ve been using TWRP 2.o on my Evo 3D with no problem. It’s a great recovery and works really well. I’m sure ClockworkMod Touch is great but I might stick with TWRP for now.

  • so clockworkmod recovery is safer to use than twrp??? if thats true ill switch..

  • Well, there have been reports of TWRP bricking some EVO 4Gs. Also, I’m pretty sure that Team Win has stopped development of TWRP, which means that ClockworkMod while continues to get better, TWRP will just kind of sit there.

  • safer than TWRP 2.0 for the 4G.

    For the 3D and anything else I do not think they had the issues. Seems about 11 people got Qualcomm bricked 4Gs, not read anything about it being bad for any other phone, nor was TWRP 1.x a problem for the 4G.

  • well, the lead developer quit TeamWin… TWRP 2 is dead, never will be updated again. Lead developer is going to make Phoenix recovery. Sadly, my evo 4g still has not risen from the ashes of TWRP 2.0’s death-flash.

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    Does this work with hboot 1.5?

  • Avatar of Ruzario

    I just installed this and wish I didn’t. I tried to install a couple of zips and clockwork recovery says they fail verification, one of them being an older copy of twrp I had. Now I’m not sure how I can even get back to an alternate recovery.

  • yea i tryed it out and had major problems with it.. so i went back to good ol twrp 2.0!! think ill stick with twrp its never gave me a problem at all…

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    So I rooted way back when 7/2010… used unrevoked (not sure which one, which version)…. So I have Froyo and can’t get the ota’s to flash (obviously). Is there any reason to unroot, accept the latest OTA then root again? Or should I just flash a new ROM? I’ll be getting a EVO One probably once the contract is up.

  • CWM Touch has been available to Samsung Epic 4G Touch users for about 2 months now. I purchased it when it was made available.
    We were using it for a while until people started bricking their devices.
    Now no one in the xda forum for the E4GT is using it anymore to flash ROMs.Developers are posting warnings on their ROM threads not to use Touch to flash their ROMs.
    You can read more about it over at xda, or just google it.
    With the HTC devices, of course ymmv.
    Just talking about our experiences, as the issues may or may not pertain to HTC devices.


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