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Coming soon in HTC’s Sense 4.0…


It's still unclear whether or not the HTC EVO 3D or EVO Design 4G will also be upgraded to Sense 4.0 when they receive their official Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade later this quarter. But in any case, Sense 4.0 will be sure to make an appearance in the form of custom ROMs for the devices, if nothing else. So I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that this latest version of Sense is actually a step in the right direction, especially if you feel that previous iterations of the custom user interface have been too bloated in the past.

Android and Me has a nice breakdown of exactly what you can expect from Sense 4.0:

  • Landscape support for the home screen
  • Bubbly sliders have been replaced with squared buttons
  • Sense buttons now feature descriptive text which accompanies the button icon
  • Lock screen will be able to display task or to-do lists, favorite contacts for quick dialing and direct access to notification bar
  • Updated email client with threaded messages and improved layout
  • Smart Sync technology which syncs your email based on your usage habits
  • Reader feature in browser strips away ads and other useless web clutter
  • Read/Watch Later feature in browser saves content in a widget which can be accessed at a later time (even offline)
  • Guest Mode Scene disables phone functionality and access to personal data
  • Beats Audio profile updated to work with third party applications
  • Full DropBox integration with 50GB of free cloud storage

Additionally, there are even more new features that didn't even make it to this list, so check out the links below for more details. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see this on my own EVO.

[PocketNow via Android and Me]
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8 thoughts on “Coming soon in HTC’s Sense 4.0…

  • Avatar of Charles S

    Not sure if the “Beats Audio” has any relevance to non rooted users if/when they ever get ICS (stock) since neither the Evo 3D nor the Design came with Beats in the first place…

  • Avatar of Girish P

    All I’m interested in is the performance improvements with ICS.
    I don’t have the time to go through all the custom ROM installation procedures and headaches.

  • Sounds good but I’m so tired of waiting months and months for a new phone when I need one now. I know that they have to ween new technology out little by little but Samsung seems to be on top of the android game at the moment. I’m glad to hear that they are planning on less devices for 2012 though.

  • Not really sure what you are referring to, but there aren’t many procedures to do when installing a custom ROM. The headaches only come if you don’t know what you are doing.

  • True, but there are custom ROMs that have Beats enabled on the EVO 3D, so I don’t see why this couldn’t be ported over.

  • So is there going to also be a Sense 4.0/ICS upgrade for standard EVO4G devices? It’s not mentioned in this, so I wasn’t sure.

  • Probably not for the original EVO 4G, since it never got Sense 3.0. As far as the others, no one really knows yet…


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