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Corning poised to unveil Gorilla Glass 2 at CES [Update: It’s thinner]

Gorilla_glass2Corning will be launching the next iteration of its smartphone-protecting glass, Gorilla Glass 2, at CES next week. We don't know a whole lot about it yet, but it's reportedly been designed to deliver higher functionality in thinner devices and "enable broader touch technology penetration." 

The company will have an 82-inch screen on display at the event and allow users to test out Gorilla Glass 2's durability for themselves. Maybe those who love screen protectors (like me) will end up having to to re-think their screen philosophies.

After my last Gorilla Glass equipped HTC EVO 4G went for a swim, I decided to let my screen go naked for a bit. About a month and a half later, a thorough cleaning and a full inspection shows zero scratches on my screen. So I'm already on my way to becoming a believer. I know that Gorilla Glass isn't 100% scratch-proof and we have all seen that the EVO's screen can shatter, but it's great to know that the product is only going to get better.

And who knows. Maybe we will see Gorilla Glass 2 in the next EVO.

Update: Apparently, the big update in Gorilla Glass 2 is that the glass is 20% thinner (0.8 mm) without compromising the strength of the glass. Be sure to check out this YouTube video where GG2 is demoed

[Corning via Phandroid]
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