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CyanogenMod contemplating building root app store

6a00d83451c9ec69e20162fbf2a463970d-300wi[1]The CyanogenMod team is thinking about producing an app store exclusively for root apps/mods that have suffered at the whims of Google and the carriers, who've been using their power to hide or pull legitimate apps from the Android Market.

Recently WiFi Tether for Root, a free, completely legal tethering app, was blocked from viewing at the request of Sprint and other carriers (although you can still download it via the Google project page), as using it would violate their terms of service. Similarly, game system emulators, which are also legal, were pulled from the Market because they were being used to play illegal ROMs. And some root apps have just been pulled for no reason.

Wouldn't it be useful to get all the root apps and mods in one place and not have to deal with 85 apps named nearly the same thing? Or to not have the 1-star reviews that say "this requires root – boo"? And wouldn't it be cool to not have to search through 300 forums to find where you can download the latest version of AppX or ROM-Y?

If you've answered yes (or no) to any of these questions, then you should drop by CyanogenMod's Google+ page to tell the team what you think. Do we need another app store or is there another way?

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9 thoughts on “CyanogenMod contemplating building root app store

  • The ‘other way’ would be to have all app stores(/markets/insert name that Apple says is ok to use/etc) just hide apps that require root if the phone isn’t rooted.

    As for carriers hiding apps, thats a whole other can of worms.

  • I’m not a huge fan of second-party app stores, but this sounds like a very good idea. I’d use it!

  • Realized a bit ago people will call it the CRAPP Store..

    Cyanogen Root APP Store…

    I think another group needs to take the name

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    Where can I find the Google project page in order to download the tethering app?

  • TypePad HTML Email
    If you go to google, type in “wifi tether for root”, chances are it’s the very first link unless your search preferences are different

  • I think it is a good idea.

  • Yeah . . Great Idea. .- I say “OCCUPY THE BASTARDS”- Goggle. Sprint , et al . One pays through the butt to use these services an average of $100/mth . And the respect we as consumers get is a shaft up the arse everytime. It’s time to go independent and Occupy da BAstards.

    My problem is with SPRINT and their PSEUDO “UNLIMITED DATA” which is major BS. Try using too much data , and see how unlimited it is . . ! You’ll be dropped faster than you can say “Oh Shit .. !” ANyway Nuff Said . . !


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