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Game On allows rooted users to share game data and start skipping levels instantly

2012-01-17_07-15-24Almost all of us have an Android game addiction. When I'm on my HTC EVO 4G, for example, I'm usually playing Angry Birds Seasons, Cut the Rope, or Greedy Spiders

But whenever I'm playing these guilty pleasure games, I always hit a wall. You know what it's like—that one level you just can't get past. Sure, there's quite a few sites dedicated to help you cheat your way through the level, but that's the sucker way. 

If someone out there has beaten all of the Angry Birds Seasons levels with 5 stars, why not just use their save file? If you've ever done this on a console, then this method will sound very familiar to you.

Enter Game On, which lets users do exactly that. You go into the app, click the View My Games button, and upload data for any of the supported games you have. Next, you can head over to Browse Game Data and start skipping levels using other users' game save files. 

GameonThe game save data for Android is a little more difficult to access than for consoles, so Game On currently requires users to be rooted. Made in Brooklyn (the developer) hopes to offer this app to non-rooted users in the next few months. 

Right now the app has a ton of supported games, but the list is obviously not complete. Feel free to head over to Game On's official thread to contribute to the progress. You can grab a free download of Game On while you're there too. For everyone else who has a $1 lying around, head to the Android Market and start cheating ASAP!

Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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