Grid tablet bag lets you take your tablet swimming

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As fancy as modern day technology is, we’re still a bit away from having everything be waterproof (though actually not far). While you can argue that people shouldn’t have to take their iPad or other tablet swimming, there are situations where water proofing is useful. Relaxing by the pool, floating in the pool, being at the beach (where sand is another danger), camping, and so on. Watershed’s Grid tablet bag is made for exactly those situations, and promises a water proof seal while still allowing you to operate the device.

The zip lock mechanism that secures the tablet inside is rated down to 300 feet, though that doesn’t mean you can take it down that far without something else going south. Even swimming along the surface might be an odd thing to do with a tablet in hand, but at least you know the seal will hold when you use it for simple protection close to water. This is an actual bag rather than a form fitted case though, so while that does mean it will work with more devices, it does make the tablet rather bulky. Then again, it makes it nicely suited for carrying the tablet out in the rain without having to worry about water leaking inside the bag.

If you want to waterproof your tablet the Watershed way, it will cost you $96.95. An oddly uneven price that’s also more than other similar bags, but the water proofing is what matters here.


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