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HTC EVO 3D camera button doubles as alarm snooze

Camera_snoozeThe physical camera button on the HTC EVO 3D is a great hardware feature that allows users to quickly launch the camera and begin snapping photos or recording videos.

I love having this shortcut on my EVO 3D and hope the next EVO successor will have a dedicated camera button too. But in addition to camera access, did you know this button also serves as a handy snooze for alarms? When an alarm rings on your EVO 3D, you can tap the camera button to snooze the alarm for ten minutes.

I find this feature extremely useful since I use my EVO as my beside alarm clock and I'm sometimes to lazy sleepy to grab the phone and look at the bright screen in search of the snooze button while trying to avoid the dismiss option. The camera button is a perfect snooze alternative since it can quickly be found by touch alone due to its size and shape. Sure, the capacitive and volume buttons provide alarm snooze too, but they are not as easy to select without either looking at phone or feeling around for the less protruding buttons.

The default snooze feature can be modified from the Clock app > Alarm tab > Menu > Settings > Side button behavior > None/Snooze/Dismiss. Changing the default snooze time can also be done from the alarm settings.

This feature works on any EVO 3D running the stock ROM and requires lock screen to be disabled. Several lock screen toggling widgets are available from the Android Market. Personally I still use the original ScreenModeWidget (v.1.5.4), which is no longer available in the Market but can be found through alternate methods online.

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