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HTC EVO 4G OTA update 4.67.651.3 unlockable at HTCdev

Root is a wonderful thingWhile not listed on the drop-down menu at HTCdev, it seems that the newest OTA update for the HTC EVO 4G, which is currently unrootable via Revolutionary or UnrEVOked, is officially unlockable by using the "All Other Supported Models" option.

This unlock method is not the same as S-OFF. It gives users a bootloader that allows flashing, but radio images cannot be flashed. So if you've lost root and are attempting to go back to a normal flashing life, you may need to learn a couple of new steps to flash kernels, and you're simply not going to be able to flash radios.

While unlocking via HTCDev can theoretically void your warranty, at the moment if you're stuck with version 4.67.651.3/HBOOT 2.16.0001+, you'll need to unlock the bootloader officially or wait to see if any developers can crack HTC's newest HBOOTs (it's not looking so promising lately, by the way).

After unlocking, you'll then need to flash a recovery and use it to install either superuser or a ROM.

[HTCdev] Thanks, Captain_Throwback!

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6 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G OTA update 4.67.651.3 unlockable at HTCdev

  • OK. So I am running cm7.1? I know I’m waiting for cm9 and not even messing around with this update.! However I recently convinced 2 bro and pop to get evo last fall. Perfect! Evo4g is awesome…. K. How do I safely root? Again I’m familiar with mine but theirs are new and “wev just updated new ota.!?? So. Do you think by the time cm9 or other awesome rom with ics comes out this will be fixed or is there a quicker way to root since new ota? Thanks. Sry
    Couple man sodas! :-

  • Jim, it will be worth u checking both of their phones individually. it may happen that they could have the previous latest update and not the one just discovered.
    From there i would follow regular rooting on the forums. Right now i am running JaredTheGreat’s ICS 4.0.3 rom on my phone for a few weeks and its a pretty solid rom. a few quirks here and there, but its very stable. I went from CM 7.1 to is and havent gone back yet. Its daily driveable. worth checking out, its on the xda evo development

  • Thanks for the info on that ics rom. I know for sure they have the new update, I’m the one who updated them. I know… Bad move. However was moments later the subject of having their phones like mine “rooted” and I was like ya gotta be kidding me. So I’m just curious if complete “root” is possible with this latest update. Thanks

  • Complete no
    Mostly yes

    With the new bootloaders you can’t flash radios

    other than that, you can unlock, install a new recovery, install superuser, bam you’re rooted…

    If it’s the same deal it was on the 3Ds, you’ll need Flash Image GUI or to flash kernels or roms with custom kernels from fastboot.

  • Cool. Thanks Paul. So in other words I can root them and flash most any of the top roms for evo4g? Mostly though they are probably just wanting to free up bloatware and use some superuser apps. Roms will come in time. They are not quite as hip to all this like I am.

  • there should be a way to do everything other than flash old radios. Like 1.50 for the 3d – nothig I can’t do except flash a radio unless I revert to stock first


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