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HTC removing Carrier IQ from all Sprint devices

6a00d83451c9ec69e20162fd977b4f970d-800wi[1]HTC EVO 3D owners were recently given an update that completely removed Carrier IQ and all its insidious little hooks. However, there was no announcement in the Sprint notification that it was gone, only that unspecified security updates were being applied.

After this revelation, a lot of other EVO owners (4G, View, that which will not be named, Design) were left wondering if they would be included in the wonderful battery-enhancing world of Carrier IQ freedom too. And today HTC has confirmed that it will be working with Sprint to provide maintenance releases that will remove Carrier IQ and supply bug fixes on all HTC devices Sprint carries beginning this month.

Unfortunately, that statement does not give us a timeline, nor does it state if it will just be for current Sprint products that have not exceeded the end of life such as the HTC EVO 4G. We're also left to wonder what will happen to our GSM brethren, as this was a Sprint-centric announcement.

For now though, at least there is some visible movement being made on this front, and an unnecessary piece of bloat/spyware running with root level privileges is, at long last, going away.

[The Verge]
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9 thoughts on “HTC removing Carrier IQ from all Sprint devices

  • Avatar of tdinc

    its sprints responsibility to remove Carrier IQ rooted phones or not, FU sprint

  • er, they are removing carrier IQ. Anyone who accepts the OTA for the 3D it gets removed. This is just HTC announcing they’ve been hired/given the go-ahead by Sprint to make it so.

    Anyone who was rooted hasn’t had to deal with this since their first ROM usually.

  • Avatar of biker1

    Samsung and Sprint removed CIQ from the SE4GT with one of heir updates about 3 weeks ago.
    Samsung who has a history of slowly rolling out updates in the past has been pretty quick with this update and other Modem updates, albeit the Modem updates are unofficial, but I believe the update including the removal of CIQ was official. There was no fanfare, but that is most likely a legal maneuver to prepare for the Congressional Hearings……

  • Avatar of Carlos C

    Can someone point me in the right direction on how to teturn my HTC EVO 3D back to stock I’m not rooted or anything i just unlocked the bootloader using the HTC methed but everytime I try and install the new update it goes to a teamwin bootloader and it dont let me update ……

  • Avatar of Stormprobe

    My phone is now faster and the battery lasts longer without the CIQ spyware installed.

  • i forgot to add,,,what about the evo 4g users that are not rooted?…shouldnt sprint have an update for us who do still use the 4g???

  • As stated in the post, we don’t know what will happen to the 4G. Sprint only agrees to support a set of phone for so long and maintain it.

    The hardware end of life for the 4G was reached back in October 11. I do not know if that meant the software assurance they offer is now past end of life or not and they have not stated which devices the updates are going to be on.

    Hopefully there will be an update for the 4G, but it isn’t going to include ICS.

  • Avatar of Dro3d

    My battery life is horrible still.

  • although I am loathe to suggest this as I believe it to be bunk, have you let the new update “settle in” for a couple of days?

    Also, as mentioned before on the site, the radios are what eats the lion’s share of the battery, a better kernel can help, but it’s not going to change the radio issues – prl updates, firmware, those might help, screaming at Sprint… etc..


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