Is that an iPad 2 or a $500 block of clay you just bought?

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Some unlucky customers in Canada were surprised to find a block of clay instead of the iPad 2 they were expecting when they opened up their Apple boxes when they got home. It appears that some very clever criminals had come up with a new scam. These individuals have not been caught yet. What they did was pretty simple.

The criminals went into some Best Buy and Future Shop stores in Canada and purchased an iPad 2. They then went home, took out the iPad and replaced it with a block of clay. Then they shrink wrapped the box back up and took it into the store for a full refund. The store then put the iPad boxes back on the shelf to sell again. A new customer came in to buy an iPad and when they got home, they found the block of clay instead. I can’t imagine being so excited to get my new toy home, only to find a block of clay.

It appears that there could have been as many as 24 iPads stolen this way. 10 from Best Buy and Future Shop and another 14 from Wal-Mart and London Drugs. Best Buy, Future Shop, and London Drugs have all changed their policy because of this incident. They now require all tablets returned to be opened and inspected to make sure all parts are in the box. Wal-Mart has decided not to change it’s policy.

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