Mole Kart is the mother of all Mario Kart ripoffs

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Gokart games are quite common these days, be it with Shrek, Sonic or some random characters behind the wheel. They’re all more or less inspired by Mario Kart, but they all try to do things a little bit different. Then there’s Mole Kart, a new iOS game which throws that out the window and delivers a game so similar to Mario Kart that the name is the biggest difference between them. Everything looks similar, from weapons to level design to those mystery packages you run over to get power ups.

Poor Nintendo for being ripped off? Nah, not if you ask me. That company has made one stupid decision after the other lately, with the president of the company refusing to ever enter the mobile market. As long as Mario Kart isn’t (officially) on iOS, Nintendo isn’t egtting any sympathy from me when someone else puts it there.

Still, knowing Apple (and Nintendo), the game is likely to be pulled rather soon, so I would urge people to download it ASAP to not miss out. The game is $2.99 and is a universal app, so the price isn’t bad either.

[iTunes | Touch Arcade]

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