Motorola Droid Bionic unboxing


Almost exactly a year ago, the Motorola Droid Bionic was announced at CES. At the time, it stole the show with its good looks and future-proof specs, but soon that would look like the high point of its life.

After the grand unveiling at CES, the smartphone was delayed for nearly eight months. During that time, it was redesigned, got some new specs, and finally, released in September. Even after the release, it had a temporary audio bug that, while fixed, hampered its initial sales.

Now things have finally stabilized, and the almost mythical Bionic has landed at my doorstep. You will have to wait just a bit more for the full review to find out whether the Bionic can live up to the hype in a market where the standard seems to change almost daily, but for now you can find a complete unboxing below the break.


The Bionic is packaged in what is now a standard box, which is slightly larger than the device and displays the phone in the center when opened. Of course, as with the rest of the DROID brand, the box is also adorned with a variation on the red eye that many Android users have come to know and love.


In the box underneath the phone, you will find only two accessories: a standard microUSB cable and an AC adapter. There are also numerous manuals and getting started guides, as well as a Verizon 4G brochure, but who really reads those?


As usual, the main attraction on the front of the device is the display. I actually think the Bionic looks and feels better in person than in images, and although I am undecided about the silver trim, overall I think it actually looks really good.


The back of the Bionic is composed of a soft touch finish similar to the one found on the Droid X. Unlike the X, though, the entire back panel of the Bionic comes off to reveal the battery, SIM, and microSD slot. As you can see, the back also houses the 8MP camera with flash, noise cancellation microphone, and loudspeaker.

So far, I have actually been pleasantly surprised by the Bionic. Even after such a tumultuous start, the smartphone has a very solid (albeit a bit large) design, great specs, and what so far is a much more polished MotoBlur. That's all I can say for now, but for the full verdict, check back for the review in about a week. 

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