OnLive bringing remote PC services to the iPad

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OnLive is a train that won’t stop for anything these days, having just brought its game streaming service to tablets and continuing on with new ventures. OnLive Desktop, launching in the US this Thursday, aims to bring the company even more revenue by addressing the issue of Windows on the iPad. The service will essentially switch out the gaming aspect of OnLive with a full Windows 7 environment, complete with Microsoft Office apps. There are already such services out there – both remote PC services that use your own computer and others – but OnLive’s existing systems let them tap into that latter market with a brute force that is definitely going to be noticed. Essentially this app will let you remote control a Windows environment with minimal lag (so little that you could play games with it) and without having your own computer on somewhere.

The service will come in three versions, a free version with 2GB of cloud storage, a $10/month Pro version with 50GB, more programs, priority server access and faster browsing, and an enterprise version that’s everything you’d imagine from an enterprise solution. Definitely a nice concept, and that free version should go a long way for most users. Unfortunately, the service is US only when it launches, and will only be expanded to the UK later on. I’ll be sure to pick it up with my US iTunes account on Thursday though, just to see what they’ve managed to do with Windows.


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