Pandora gaming handheld to ship en masse next month


With so many tablets and phones coming out these days, it's fantastic to get back to Pocketables' roots: handheld computers. Those of you who've been with us for a quite while probably remember the little device you see above: the Pandora open-source handheld gaming console/UMPC. We just learned that the company, despite numerous setbacks for its production and shipments, is going to ship more than a mere 4,000 2,800 devices starting next month. 

Of course, this is after an antagonizing four years of waiting for the company to get its act together and ship the darned thing. The specs are still decent for what the device is, but they're not as spectacular as they were when it was originally announced have been updated since the original Pandora, and the updates are as follows: 512MB of RAM and a new OMAP3 processor. The company even states that PSX can run full speed at just 650MHz, although it's overclockable to 800MHz. That's all that was updated though, and the device still keeps a 4.3-inch (resistive) touchscreen with a resolution of 800 x 480, WiFi, Bluetooth, host USB 2.0 port, and two slots for SDHC cards, which you can actually boot off of (if your OS of choice supports it). It's "created" to run Linux, but you're obviously welcome to toss any operating system you can on it. 

Over 70 investors poured over almost a half a million Euros ($650150) to get this project started up again. Head to the link below to preorder yours as a thank-you to those investors. 

[OpenPandora preorder via UMPCPortal]
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