SPB Shell 3D brings true 3D launcher to HTC EVO 3D

QZ6qvtwER_VB_9AgH9urRZpjgV6eKEawKXcGbHopHNS4YwJ1WDA2E4D16c1kejnfIQc[1]If you purchased an HTC EVO 3D near launch day, you were perhaps let down that the advertisements and reality of the 3D experience were two different things. The advertisement pretty clearly showed a fully 3D home screen near the end of the commercial (even allowing for artistic license), and Sense just doesn't supply that.

The best we've ever had with Sense's Rosie launcher has been tilt 3D, which is a 3D perspective flat re-imagining of Sense with icons that you can see edges and sides. No launcher I've run across has actually exploited stereoscopic 3D until SPB Shell 3D.

This launcher is almost a year old but it still has some pretty modern features, such as organizable widget/app folders, 3D widgets, and sortable home screens. A 3D Rosie carousel doesn't bring much additional functionality, but it looks pretty cool, even if it can only be done in landscape mode due to how our EVOs display 3D.

Aside from the 3D, which is neat, the launcher is kind of like Sense meets MIUI. The ability to configure most aspects of how you want things displayed brings configuration options ol' Rosie never had. You can see a pretty neat demo of it in action (albeit sans-3D) here. 

SPB QRSPB Shell 3D comes in at $14.95 in the Android Market. Although quite a nice launcher, it doesn't have $15 worth of additional value to me over Rosie or Launcher Pro. The 3D is also still in experimental mode, which means there are some bugs remaining to be squished and some features remaining to be exploited.

It's something to still keep an eye on, though, as it's well worth playing with if the price comes down or it's the free app of the day anywhere.

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