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This may be the first Sprint 4G LTE speed test

We all know that Sprint is planning to unveil a 4G LTE phone in mid-2012. We even know which markets will be gettings 4G LTE first. But the question weighing heavily on our mind (other than whether the phone will be an EVO) is how fast it will be.

Well, according to the video above, it's going to be crazy fast!

I don't know about you, but those speeds (40Mbps) are faster than my home internet at the moment (16Mbps with Comcast). But before we get too excited, there are a few obvious things that need to be pointed out. 

  • There has to be no one else running this network. Alright, maybe not no one, but there can't be that many testers for Sprint. Therefore, speeds should drop with traffic. Also, the poster pointed out that they are very close to the tower. 
  • This most likely isn't the Sprint Galaxy Nexus LTE; this is probably a broadband card. Broadband cards are always going to be faster than smartphones, which means that once you have your next HTC EVO, your speeds will not be this fast.
  • This may or may not be a valid video. However, the IP address was tested as being Sprint PCS. Also, early tests from other networks LTE tests were about this high.

All things considered (and with a second video posted with speeds up to 50Mbps), things are looking good for Sprint's 4G LTE network. I think those of us who stick with Sprint are going to be really happy once LTE rolls out to more markets. I just hope the coverage is better than WiMAX. 

[Android Police] Thanks, Nandre!

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