Tine brings augmented reality to milk cartons via Android and iOS

Innovation is everything in marketing these days, and what’s better than having a mobile app that gives pretty much anyone with a camera-equipped iOS or Android device a reason to run out and buy a carton of milk? The Norwegian dairy products manufacturer Tine’s latest marketing stunt does exactly that. It’s a free app that uses the camera on a device to track the back of the company’s milk cartons and plays an augmented reality video around the carton. The app is part of the company’s new marketing ploy to highlight the use of local milk suppliers for different regions of Norway, and the cows that spawn around the milk carton do a little show where they discuss that matter.

The system has some flaws, specifically being a bit slow to get a “lock” at time and a bit shaky (it’s not just my freehand camera control). Still, it’s an awesome tech demo, an excellent way to innovate marketing, and just pure fun. The show the cows perform is also very nice and funny, and once you have a lock on the carton you can move the device around to get a close up on the cows, see the entire set etc.

PS: Turn on annotations in the video above to see some quick and dirty English subtitles I added.

[iTunes | Android Market]

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