Unlock With WiFi for Android helps relax your security at home

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If you’re like me then that pin/pattern lock on your tablet is in case the tablet gets stolen or lost, not to stop someone from using the tablet in your own home. Unfortunately, you’re pretty much stuck with having it on all the time or off all the time unless you want to activate and deactivate the lock every time you leave home, right? Actually no. Unlock With WiFi is an Android app that does exactly what the title says – it unlocks your device using your WiFi network. Basically what it does is to see if you’re connected to a WiFI network that you have saved in the app, and if you are, it will disable the lockscreen. You still need to unlock the device once every time you reconnect to your WiFi network to stop anyone from stealing your tablet and standing outside your house to unlock it, but after that, it will not display the lock screen until you’re out of range of your WiFi network. Very useful in order to not put the pin/password/pattern in when the tablet is just sitting there on your living room tablet.

Naturally this requires you to leave the WiFi on at all times, which drains the battery, but in my opinion not all that much. There’s a free and a paid version of the app, where the free version lacks some extra features, has ads, and can only register one safe WiFi network. The extra features you get alongside no ads and unlimited networks in the full version includes a lock delay setting (basically delaying the time it takes for the device to lock, helpful if you lock by accident or remember something you had to do just as you lock it) and various settings for turning on or off things like WiFi, GPS etc when you leave home (= the range of the safe networks). At $3 I jumped right on the full version simply to support the developer, who is currently working on ICS support.

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