Use Winter Wake-Up to make sure you make it to work on time

I live in Michigan in the US, and we have our fair share of winter weather. I’ve mentioned before how a weather app for Android is essential for me to find out what the weather is like outside so I know how to prepare for the day. One of the worst things about winter in Michigan is never knowing if I’m going to have to worry about cleaning my car off before I go to work. Now if you’ve never lived in cold weather you won’t understand this, but it can add up to 15 minutes or more to your morning routine to get your car ready to go. A lot of cars are coming equipped from the factory with a remote start or you can get one installed for a couple hundred bucks, but even a remote start won’t be too much help if you have a large accumulation of snow on your windshield. That’s where Winter Wake-Up comes in.

Winter Wake-Up is an app that will wake you up early if you got frost or snow overnight. You can set exactly how many minutes early you want to be woken up for each, or you can set it to shut your alarm off if the weather is so bad that there is no way you will be able to make it into work. This option is called Don’t wake me if it’s hopeless, I’ll work on Saturday. Winter Wake-Up was created for phones, but there’s no reason why it won’t work on your tablet, unless of course you have the Transformer Prime and your GPS isn’t working.

This app was developed by Boondoggle out of Belgium. As the video explains it, the employees of Boondoggle couldn’t manage to make it to work on time if there was any snow at all, and so management decided to have this app developed. Who knows if this is true or not, but either way it’s a funny reason for an app to get developed.

[Winter Wake-Up]

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