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Where’s My Water? brings gallons of fun

bathtimeDisney's Where's My Water? is a game about Swampy, an alligator who wants one simple thing: to take a shower in peace. Unfortunately, he has some rather annoying cohorts who have conspired to deny him of this simple pleasure in life and have sabotaged his water supply.

Your goal, should you choose to accept it, is to get the water to Swampy so he can take his bath. Along the way other goals appear, such as filling up rubber ducks or digging up buried treasure, but those are secondary to bath time.

There are 140+ levels in the full game filled with puzzles, water balloons, pipes, poison, collectibles, and surprises. The game is updated regularly, but as Jenn can attest to after tri-ducking all the levels and collecting all the items, achievements, and bonus ducks, replay value of completed levels is very high.

Where's My Water? was released late last year on both iOS and Android and is not a game I would have ever thought I would enjoy so much. It sort of reminds me of the simple joys of Cut the Rope, without all the empty calories.

QR for Swampy!I'm not entirely sure what the age range for this game is supposed to be; the first few levels I believe any age could play and enjoy, but as it goes on it does require some real skill and strategy.

If you want to try it out before you plunk down $0.99, there's a free version that features 25 levels of play, which should be about two hours worth of play.

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