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Android apps found to be more stable than iOS counterparts

CrittercismYou hear "it just works" quite a bit from iPhone/Apple users. You also hear from die hard Apple fans that the fragmented base of Android has lead to widespread problems that make it a platform built on an unstable foundation. But it's been fairly hard to convince them that Android is not as rickety as they'd have you believe.

A new report from Crittercism, a mobile app monitoring company, shows iOS apps crashing more than their Android counterparts, with iOS 5.0-5.1 accounting for nearly 40% of all iOS crashes.

Crashes-ios1[1]While stability may not end up being a deciding factor for many when choosing between the two systems, it looks like the ball is now in the court of Android, which may be one of the reason the military is developing a hardened Android phone for sensitive positions.

Hopefully with some hard data out there, Apple will quit filing frivolous patent suits and get back to doing what it claims it does best. Unfortunately as Crittercism received funding by many investors, one of which was Google, you can expect the argument against the findings to be that Google bought these statistics.

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3 thoughts on “Android apps found to be more stable than iOS counterparts

  • I’m sick of all the BS from the Apple fanboys, and all of the boldface lies in the Apple commercials. They used to swear up and down that Mac OS’s GUI was so much better than Windows’ command-line, and the Motorola processor was so much better than Intel’s. They shut up real fast when Apple adopted both command-line OS and the Intel processor. It wouldn’t surprise me if Apple adopts the Android OS for their hardware next.

    All of the Apple people should come to the future now instead of later by moving to the Windows PC and Android hardware.

  • Neighbor got an iPad2 for his bday, came over yesterday and was showing me several apps. The Superbowl commercial app crashed 4 times in a minute with no notification. The rest of his apps functioned fine.

    Eh, no biggie…

    Apple makes beautiful GUIs, but I get more support requests for crazy Mac and iPhone issues than I reasonably should, and my little ipod touch makes me want to throttle it.

    But, important statistic too for Android fans is we’re only 1.5% less likely to crash… that can get better


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