Chrome Beta for Android update fix released

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A couple of weeks ago I posted about how Chrome had finally come to Android in the form of a beta for ICS devices only. A couple days ago I noticed in the market that Chrome had an update available. I immediately installed the update, and while it was installing went to see what the change log was. Instead of a change log itself in the Market listing, it was only a link to the change log on a website. In the time I had been looking for the change log, Chrome Beta had finished updating. I clicked the link and told it to open in Chrome. Chrome popped open, gave me some error that stated that it wasn’t compatible with my device, and then force closed. What had just happened I wondered?

Well what had just happened was that Google added a little piece of code to the Chrome Beta to check what device it was running on. If it wasn’t running on a device that it knew to have an ICS ROM, and had full hardware acceleration enabled, then it popped the error and force closed. I thought I was out of luck for using Chrome on my tablet. Then I came across a post over at Apparently I wasn’t the only one bummed about this and developer lenny_kano found the part of code that was causing the issues and released a patched .apk that will work on any ROM that the initial beta would install on.

If you are one of the ones that were bummed thinking they couldn’t use Chrome anymore, head on over to XDA and download the patched file. There are a couple things to note about this however. The first is that if the Chrome Beta wouldn’t work on your device before the most recent update, it won’t work with the patched version. That means if you are still running Gingerbread or Honeycomb, don’t bother trying it out. It also means that the next time that Google updates Chrome, you will need to wait for a patched version to be released before you can update.


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