Could San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston also be on the short list for Sprint LTE?

San-Francisco_CaliforniaSo far, we know for sure that Baltimore, Kansas City, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are set to be the first official 4G LTE markets for Sprint. But there are also hushed reports that San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston might also be on the short list, even though it hasn't been officially announced yet.

Apparently, construction on the Bay Area LTE network is already well underway, with around 900 new LTE sites expected to go live over the next six months. The estimate launch date is around October or November of this year, but here's the good news: Sprint is expected to turn on each site as it's completed, rather than waiting for the network to be completed. This means that Sprint users in San Francisco will be able to start using LTE little by little as the network goes up – assuming they have an LTE compatible device.

It's a similar situation in Chicago and Boston. Sprint's Chicago market has around 1,120 sites that are expected to be upgraded to LTE, as opposed to Boston's 940, which will actually cover most of the state of Massachusets. If we're to believe the rumors, work is also underway in these two cities, with expected launch dates around the same time as San Fransico.

It's interesting that Sprint hasn't officially announced this yet, as these are all pretty big markets. But perhaps it is waiting for just the right moment, when it will be able to announce all three at once and wow both the general public and the tech world. I just hope we'll have an LTE EVO by then!

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