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This week on the podcast, we cover everything from the latest Windows 8 news to what we’d like to see come out of Mobile World Congress. Additionally, does T-Mobile have what it takes to build out a competitive LTE network all on their own? And how’d you like to run the desktop version of Windows 7 on your mobile phone? Tune in for more!

01:05 – What we want to see at MWC
07:35 – Windows 8 Consumer Preview and SkyDrive
13:30 – T-Mobile LTE roadmap
16:44 – Fujitsu smartphones headed to Europe
18:36 – Smoked by Windows Phone ad discussion
21:51 – Apple kinda sucks lately
24:01 – Asus Transformer Prime issues
25:41 – Power Felt will charge your phone while it’s in your pocket
28:44 – xpPhone 2 conference to be held on March 10th
30:56 – Android Jelly Bean rumors
32:03 – BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 update rolls out

Hosts: Calob Horton, John Freml, Stuart Cope, and William Devereux
Podcast Editor: Calob Horton
Newsletter Editor: John Freml

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CrowdGadgets is the official podcast of the CrowdGather Gadget Network, which includes Anythingbutiphone, Anythingbutipod, Good and EVO, Nothing But Tablets, Pocketables, StreakSmart, and Zune Boards. Read the latest news from the network below.

News from around the CrowdGather Gadget Network


While most of the industry focuses on Mobile World Congress, T-Mobile took the opportunity to reveal some of its plans for 2013, which includes ten new 4G LTE handsets. But even more exciting is Fujitsu’s plan to bring its high-end devices to Europe. And not to be out done, Panasonic is jumping back into the smartphone game with the 102p in Europe and Japan, and LG announced the 3D Max and the Optimus 4X HD.


A hacker has managed to gain root access to the Cowon Z2 media player, despite the device’s limited availability so far. The process of rooting the device is fairly lengthy and requires multiple SDKs and editing skills. The benefits, however, are definitely worth it. Who wouldn’t want access to the official Android Market, ad blocking capabilities, overclocking, and much more? We highly recommend that those with an imported Cowon Z2 root their device right away.

Good and EVO

Check out our latest ROM Picks: Stock Nocturnal Edition and Red Line v.1.0.1, both for the original HTC EVO 4G; and InfectedROM Eternity for the HTC EVO 3D. Additionally, you can join in our ongoing conversation about the future of the EVO franchise, and whether or not HTC and Sprint have what it takes to continue revolutionizing the mobile sphere. And could the white EVO 3D be phased out in March?

Nothing But Tablets

For those on the go, could Ultrabooks and tablets be a match made in heaven? Be sure to check out what the CEO of CrowdGather had to say about his experiences traveling with both. Meanwhile, in an attempt to remain relevant, RIM has updated the BlackBerry PlayBook to software version 2.0, finally including a native email app. Also, be sure to check out our take on 10 app-enabled services that should pick up their game.


One of the most astonishing Android devices so far this year is Motorola’s Droid RAZR MAXX. Besides having a super thin profile, the RAZR MAXX also offers 21 hours of talk time. Be sure to look at Pocketables’ unboxing. Of course, if a mobile OS isn’t the most interesting thing to you, maybe a phone running full-blown Windows 7 is: the press conference for the release of the xpPhone 2 is scheduled for March 10.


While the Dell Streak Pro line of smartphones in China and Japan actually has three variations, they are all becoming very popular over at StreakSmart. First off, new kernel files were recently uploaded to Dell’s open-source website for the Streak Pro smartphones. Then, Dell and Japanese carrier eMobile released the Streak Pro GS01. Initial reviews of the device were very positive, mostly focusing on the whopping 75Mb/s down the devices pulled.

Zune Boards

Be sure to contribute to the discussion on what we think Windows 8 should look like, including some alternate Windows 8 logos to tantalize the eyes. Additionally, we give our take on what we’d like to see from Microsoft this week at Mobile World Congress. Finally, what can $899 buy you? Find out, and take a look at what might possibly be the most over-the-top accessory bundle we’ve ever seen, for the Nokia Lumia 800.

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CrowdGadgets is the official podcast of the CrowdGather Gadget Network. It brings together the latest news and tech updates from Anythingbutipad, Anythingbutiphone, Anythingbutipod, Good and EVO, Nothing But Tablets, Pocketables, StreakSmart, and Zune Boards. In September 2012, it became the official newsletter of Pocketables.