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Do you prefer protection or going naked with your HTC EVO?

Case_naked_evomain2Should an HTC EVO be sheltered with a protective case providing a more rugged exterior or should it simply bare it all, as was the probable intention of its maker? This is a question that can turn into a long debate, but I've finally picked a side.

When I originally purchased my EVO 4G, it was the first touchscreen smartphone I had owned so I was a little apprehensive about leaving it naked. Prior to the EVO, my previous phone was a BlackBerry Curve, which had proved to be very rugged; in comparison, the EVO felt somewhat fragile. So I walked out of the Sprint store with a new phone and a protective shell to help prevent the imminent doom from a future careless moment. But I soon grew tired of the case.

The following summer, I upgraded to the EVO 3D and again went through a state of concern about protecting not only the screen and edges of my phone, but also the huge rear camera lens that protruded out the back, leaving it exposed to possible scratches. Once more I began searching for a protective case to encompass my phone, and once more I quickly discarded it.

So I have now decided to keep my HTC EVO 3D naked all the time. I've purchased and tried several cases and eventually shed them each in favor for the au naturel feeling. Again, there is no definite right or wrong here as it simply comes down to the specific needs, uses, and concerns of each person, but here are my reasons for going naked.

Naked looks better and feels better.

There is a lot of variety when it comes to case designs for EVO phones. Cases can used to alter the phone's appearance, enhance protection, increase battery capacity, or furnish a better surface grip. As many options as there may be, I still have not found a case that further improves the look or feel of a naked EVO.

Camera_snoozeI really dig the design of both the original EVO and EVO 3D. The black battery covers combined with red camera rings and silver HTC logos and highlights make sleek and sexy phones. I've always found a case, even if it has minimal coverage, to mask some of those outer features that make an EVO look so good.

Aside from its good looks, naked EVOs also feel well balanced and comfortable in hand. The shape, thickness, and even hardware button locations seem to be in the right place and protrude from the device edges just enough. For me, cases just seem to make my phone bulky, less comfortable, and sometimes interfere with hardware buttons and in the case of the EVO 4G, the kickstand.

The HTC EVO is a sturdy phone.

One thing that I have learned from owning an EVO is that HTC makes darn strong phones. I thought all touchscreen phones were as delicate as an iPhone, but I was wrong. Now I know first hand that an EVO can take a beating and continue working.

The first few times I accidentally dropped my EVO 4G, I was certain a shattered screen, cracked housing, or other major damage would await me. However my phone never broke or stopped functioning. Aside from a little cosmetic damage, the battery and cover would occasionally pop off so I would simply reinstall the battery, replace thhe cover, dust off the phone, and then watch it amazingly power back on. The EVO 3D has an even sturdier battery cover that is harder to pop off due to a fall.

Of course dropping an EVO is never a good thing since impacts can cause internal damage. Likewise no screen is completely shatterproof and a drop from the right height, at the right angle, and on the right surface (like concrete) will instantly shatter your screen. But the EVO is no pansy phone either.

This choice isn't for everyone, but I've decided to ditch the protective case and only use a screen protector for my EVO 3D. It's proved to be tough enough to handle most falls so I'll take the risk. I also still use my original EVO, which is approaching its 2 year anniversary and still looks great.

Some cases can cause damage.

This may sound odd, but I have actually had a case cause cosmetic damage to my phone. During my backpacking trip last year, I installed a case on my EVO 3D to protect it during the hike. Unfortunately, dirt somehow crept into the housing and began to grind away at the paint on the front metal casing.


Granted the case was not an OtterBox or similar case that fully enclosed the phone with a screen shield, but most cases aren't and I never expected a product designed to protect my phone to scar it instead. While the damage was not significant, to this day I hate seeing the faded edges on my EVO.

Spare batteries work well for me.

Case_spare_batteryLastly, spare batteries are my final and most important reason for not using cases.

Long ago I ditched wired charging in favor of using spare batteries charged on separate wall chargers. My work keeps me mobile and I never know if I will be at a certain location long enough to fully charge my phone. Spare batteries work great for me since I can quickly remove the battery cover, replace the dead battery for a charged one, replace the cover, and keep on going.

As you know, battery swaps don't work well with cases. The constant removing and reinstalling of the cover can eventually warp the case, break some of the locking clips, or even begin to wear on the housing of the phone itself. Not to mention some cases can be a pain to remove, of course.

I'd rather sacrifice that extra layer of protection for a quick and convenient way of keeping my EVO fully charged.

Sound off!

The topic of phone cases will always have pros and cons and can quickly spark a debate among any smartphone user. There isn't a right or wrong side to this matter because choice is a good thing, and the final decision ultimately rests with each individual EVO owner. As for me, I'll stay naked for now. What's your preference?

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Greg Malinao

Greg is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012.

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45 thoughts on “Do you prefer protection or going naked with your HTC EVO?

  • If they would recess the camera lens I would go naked all the time. I keep my case around for when I go atving or out on the motorcycle. The rest of the time it goes naked.

  • I’ve been giving it to my EVO 4G raw since release day in 2010. There is only one small scratch on the screen, a couple hairline cracks on the side of the phone near the buttons, and a very noticeable dent in the stock battery. Works perfect. Cases are pointless unless used for waterproofing IMHO.

  • Avatar of Curt Hibbs

    I used to use a case, but when I switch to an extended battery I ditched the case to somewhat compensate for the thicker extended battery (coincidentally, the extended battery back cover just happens to protect the camera lens).

    Anyway, I’ve never regretted ditching the case.

    Ever since I learned that the Evo 4G does, in fact, use Gorilla glass, I’ve thought about also ditching my screen protector. But I’ve decided the I prefer the matte feel and antiglare properties of my Steinheil Anti Fingerprint screen protector.

  • Avatar of 84guy

    i have phantom skinz on my screen and camera on my evo 3d been naked since release and phone still looks brand new, my dads has the same but his 3d looks like crap lol. its all in how you treat it

  • Avatar of stEvo

    At work (desk job) I keep it naked. And while doing manual labor and working outside I put it in an Otterbox Defender. Much more enjoyable without the bulky case though.

  • Avatar of Dro3d

    I prefer my 3d without a case but the light leakage at the bottom of the device always makes me want to put my case back on.

  • Avatar of kiki007

    been naked for almost 2 years.

  • Avatar of Irish

    EVO 3D with Otter box during the work week and naked on the weekends…..look forward to stripping it down Saturday morning….

  • Avatar of Richard

    I bought an Otterbox Commuter after I had to get my evo replaced by the insurance. I have another case that I bought from the sprint store when I first got the phone, one of those that are dual color, I hated it, reason I went naked after 1 month. With the time have accumulated 3 extra batteries for my Evo 4G, and hated having to remove the case. Lately I haven’t been using spare batteries much since I installed Juice Defender. But Yes, naked looks and feels better I’m just afraid I’m gonna crack the screen again.

  • My EVO 4G is naked in use, but stored in an EB leather belt case.

  • I abandoned cases about 2 years ago and will never go back. I hate those things. Destroys the look and feel of the phone which definitely is part of why you get a phone.

  • I had a case for it when i 1st got it but the bulk of the case made it annoying to slip in n out of my pocket plus it looked horrid so after a month I went in the nude and never looked back aside from the silver HTC letters falling off it looks clean.

  • Avatar of Patrick

    I got an extended battery and now the camera plating is no longer exposed.

  • Avatar of Bitmap

    I got a nifty red and black ballistic case when I got my evo3d. having dropped it twice with no ill effects I think it was money well spent.

  • Avatar of Yaakov

    Naked and I pay a several dollars a month for insurance= best case ever!!!

  • Avatar of Brian A

    I too have decided to go case-less lately. The screen is incredibly scratch resistant, just keep metal way from it and if it does get a scratch it’s not noticeable and does not affect performance. However, I do understand why people use them because they maintain the screen. I also believe that it is wrong to hide the beauty, that is the Evo, in a case.

  • Avatar of nerdshowandtell

    EVO 3D Design forced me to get a case for it – the damn camera sticking out w/ glass, etc.. Minimal – but i still have a case.

  • Avatar of Wylin

    I used a silicon type case when I first got my EVO 3d but then I decided well, I very rarely dropped my prior phone, I probably wouldn’t start now. I’ve been totally naked since about 2 months after buying it and it still looks great. I also have 4 batteries so I like to be able to swap them out with ease.

  • Even though its Gorilla glass I still prefer using a screenprotector just to be safe, but I’m starting to rethink it as well.

  • Avatar of cantelumber

    Depends on your lifestyle, i don’t want to have to switch phones til I decide to so i use a ballistic case for my 3vo. 30+ ft drop on concrete and nothing happened to the case even! Try that naked, go ballistic!

  • I love my EVO naked. I can use the car dock, the home dock, and I can swap the battery effortlessly. Every time I tried a case, I wound up going back to naked. Plus, this phone is big enough as it is!

    I’m also on my fifth EVO, and the insurance company has upgraded me to VIP status. Your mileage may vary.

  • Avatar of nood1

    I run around naked and try not to get scratched…. ;)

  • Avatar of overclock

    Depends on if I win a case from today’s giveaway or not. But I’ve been running naked for a while.

  • Naked definitely won’t cover a fall like that. There are some situations that do call out for a case

  • I’m probably in the minority. I have an EVO 4G with a Platinum case that was mentioned here (Thanks Good and EVO for the mention of the good deal). I used a screen protector for about a year. I read the 4G had Gorilla glass, so I ditched the screen protector. I have no scratches and on the screen and don’t believe a screen protector is needed with Gorilla glass.

  • Avatar of Dro3d

    What happened to todays giveaway results?

  • Avatar of miker

    I love my 3D. It is inside of an Otter Box. Sometimes I clean it and I give him some naked freedoom. It looks like a brand new smart phone from the box…Zero scratches, beautiful. After a while…my EVO tries his clothes again and I know is well protected.

  • Avatar of Justin

    Bought an otter box with my 3d and used it 3 days. Naked ever since. I do understand why people use cases though. (Job related)

  • Avatar of dkdude36

    i go naked all the time. no screen protector either. my jeans have worn down the paint on the top corners tho, so they’re all silver. the metal ring around the screen makes breaking the screen very hard, because not much actually touches the screen. a very well designed phone i think.

  • Avatar of Don Harries

    I have never used a case with my EVO 4G, only a screen protector, and the phone looks like I just got even though I got it when they first came out, that first day.

  • I have spent way to much for this body to cover it up, the most I’ll do is mabe a skin.

  • Evo3D, nine months with a TPU S-curve clear case, no screen protector.

  • Avatar of Steve

    I thought the author was writing about me. I also moved from the EVO 4G to the 3D. With the 4G a puchased and gave up on several cases. I’ve been naked for a long time now with no problems. The gorilla class is so amazing I don’t even use a screen protector. I do pay for the insurance just in case.

  • i have this problem with droping my phones.. so i keep my shooter in a defender case at all times.. the only thing that suck about this case is that its hard to tex close to the edges.. so i just orderd a trident kraken case.. should be here today!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Avatar of Mark Ryan

    Typical suburbia lifestyle here. Phone goes everywhere with me, floats around the house, is in car, work, coffee shops, etc. Most of the time it travels in my jeans. It’s been naked since I bought it last May. No scratches, just needs cleaning of course :)

  • Avatar of devo4g

    When I use my phone I want it naked. When I buy one used on eBay I want it to have been in a case all its life.

  • I started out sans a case…but when holding the phone the large camera touching my hand really bothered me. Now that I have a case holding the phone feels more natural as I am not constantly pawing the camera. Battery life is terrible so I may look into an extended battery which may mean I can ditch the case if it covers the camera enough.

  • I got the Evo3D when it first came out and went sans case. Less than a week later of just pocket carrying it, I began to notice specks of white stuff getting under the screen. It was horrendous looking in daylight, so I returned it within my window Sprint gave and get another one. Since then I’m paranoid of the “dust issue” again so keep it sealed up in an Otterbox Defender. I’d love to go caseless but I’m extremely anal about crap on my screen that I can’t clean. Apparently this was a known issue when they first came out too.

  • Avatar of A-Flo

    I have the HTC Evo 4G and the HTC Evo View 4G. I own cases for them but choose to keep them of for feel, looks, and convenience. It is much classier!

  • Avatar of yyota265

    Everything is better naked. Even my EVO 4G.

  • Avatar of Daryll

    I go bare with a screen protector and leather holster. I’ve always felt cases undermine the slim design and sexiness of which I bought my phone for.

  • Avatar of Chaco

    i LOVE the way my EVO 4G looks…
    i had a gel cover and its long gone…
    i have a barely there case and currently have it… it did cause scratches on the side of the bezel

    i rather have it naked…. i love the look and feel… BUT the camera lense being proture its a BIG FLAW and my previous evo got a annoying scratch on it… If it wasnt for the lense being so exposed… i would be naked… because its not, ill remain with my casemate cover

  • Avatar of 1bigbadwolf

    I tried the otter box defender series for about the last 8 months but got sick of the battery life I currently now use the trident with the extended battery n clear so you can see all the red in the back of the phone and you run the clear case on the phone with out the stock oem battery door it looks really cool in the extended battery keeps me from having to swap anything

  • I love it naked! However, after a few drops, I put on a cheap silicon case on it. I’m sure that case save my phone numberous times because I have dropped the phone countless times! I think no matter how much I love the phone naked, I will put on some sort of a soft case on it from now on.


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