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GrooVe IP pulled from Android Market [Updated]


We've talked about a handly little app called GrooVe IP several times in the past, even showing you how to turn your HTC EVO into a WiFi calling device. However, it now seems that, for some unknown reason, this app  has been pulled by Google from the Android Market, with absolutely no explanation.

The developer posted about this last weekend on Facebook, and many users are rightfully ticked off. At this point, there are several theories floating around as to why the app was pulled, including:

  • Complaints from carriers about VOIP apps eating into their sales.
  • Complaints from a lesser-known, more recent competing Google Voice VOIP app.
  • Google doesn't want people using Google Voice as a true VOIP solution just yet.
  • Possible infringements onto intellectual property, such as "GV" appearing in the logo of the app.

Again, all of these are just theories at this point, as the developer hasn't yet heard back from Google. But if you've purchased GrooVe IP through the Android Market, you can re-download the app at the Facebook page below. If you have been thinking about purchasing it, you can either head on over to Amazon's Appstore, or wait and see how this story plays out. And finally, if you want to show some support for the developer and bug Google yourself, follow this link to get in touch with the Android Market team.

Update: As it turns out, Google had a problem with the app's name. The developer has agreed to revise accordingly, and it should be back in the Android Market soon.

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