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HTC EVO 3D has the necessary specs to run Ubuntu for Android

The lapdock-touting Motorola Atrix was pretty cool and game-changing when it was released last year, but remember that ugly and limited Atrix UI? What if you could have a full desktop version of Ubuntu packaged up on your Android device, and that was required was a dual-core processor and an HDMI connection?

This may seem like a Android/Linux lovers far-reaching dream that will never be possible. But as you can see from the demo video above, Ubuntu for Android is real. We've seen Ubuntu on the HTC EVO 4G before, yes, but this is a whole new ball game.

Canonical, the developers behind the most popular Linux distribution, has been working hard to provide a version of Ubuntu that can run on any dual-core Android phone (like the EVO 3D and most likely future EVOs) via a modified kernel, keyboard, mouse, and HDMI-supporting monitor.

The big mystery right now is that nobody is quite sure how Canonical is planning to implement Ubuntu for Android. It can't simply be an .apk. Are they going to need approval/assistance from manufacturers? Will developers be able to port this to unsupported devices with root access? Many questions still loom, but I think I speak for a lot of people when I say: "Canonical, get this working on my HTC EVO 3D!"

[Android Central] Thanks for the correction [email protected]!

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