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HTC Speak from Sense 4.0 to compete with Apple’s Siri?

IconPeople continue to dig through the Sense 4.0-touting Endeavor's RUU to see what lies ahead for future HTC phones, and while there doesn't appear to be any hint of the device being PlayStation certified, there is a little app that's raising some eyebrows: HTC Speak.

Its icon is what you're looking at over there on the right. There are no ports of this ROM available for the EVO or any other device yet, so we can only speculate what Speak will do. But if digging through its image files tell us anything, then it looks like this app is intended for voice control, as I found "microphone" and "listening" images when I pulled the app icon from the ROM.

Does this mean HTC is making its own skin for Google Voice Search? Probably not, since Google Voice Search is included in the ROM as well. There's little reason to have two voice search apps, so popular belief is that HTC is getting ready to come up to the plate and battle Apple's Siri (just as Iris and Skyvi are already doing).

If true, I just hope Apple doesn't turn this into another frivolous lawsuit.

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Sam Sarsten

Sam Sarsten is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged with Pocketables in 2012.

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5 thoughts on “HTC Speak from Sense 4.0 to compete with Apple’s Siri?

  • judging by that icon, I think it’s an attempt to compete with Galaga

  • btw, check out EVI if you’re looking for a Siri player – it claims to be able to remember your name, it remember context so if you’re asking about France and then ask who the president is it’ll return the president of France, actually seems to be useful. I haven’t written anything about it as they released it, it worked, 10 million people downloaded it and broke the servers and they’re still not 100%.

  • Does anyone else see a stretched-out green alien flipping the bird?!

  • Avatar of CherDamas

    LOLOLOLOL Jar – slow down on the Prozac puffs! But yes, I see it too. LOLOLOLOL


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