Intel details its Atom Z2580 chip, destined for phones and tablets


Back at CES, Intel treated us to a sneak peek of its smartphone Medfield platform. And today, at Mobile World Congress, Chipzilla explained its entire lineup of smartphone processors and introduced the Z2580. 

Let's talk about the low-end Intel processor first. Dubbed the Z2000, this "value smartphone" processor will be clocked at 1GHz and offer HSPA+ connectivity. I'd expect to see these in phones that are $100 on-contract or less. 

Next up is the Medfield processor, the single-core Z2460. Intel claims that this processor is the start of the "performance smartphone" series of processors, with burst clock speeds at up to 2GHz. This Atom will stay at a clock of 1.3GHz for most tasks, though.

Finally, the Z2580 Atom is the top-end of the mobile Intel chips. This baby is dual-core and is two times faster than the Z2460. Besides being two times faster, the Z2580 also offers LTE connectivity alongside HSPA+, something the other two processors don't. 

I'm a huge fan of Intel chips, although they are a bit pricey when compared to the competition. Still, that extra cash is justified by the performance you can get from Intel's goods. Of course, that's the desktop/laptop market; we'll have to wait and see just how that translates into smartphones.

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2 thoughts on “Intel details its Atom Z2580 chip, destined for phones and tablets

  • Avatar of Reader

    NARGH. In the xpPhone thread ITG mentioned the old Z500-platform when I asked for “Intel 25xx”.

    A Z2580 Atom would be much, much faster than any Z525 or Z530.

    The new SoCs are x86, right?

  • Avatar of Reader

    OK, they’re for Android devices… :-(


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