Kickstarter spotlight: Ubooly

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Remember the Furby? Well, it was bound to happen that someone made one based on a mobile device, and that creation is called the Ubooly. You take your iPhone or iPod touch, put it in a case shaped like a furry animal, and a round opening in the front shows part of the screen which via an app acts as the Ubooly’s face. The plan is to have various features (like games) included in the app, and more released via content packs. Interaction is primarily done with voice control, which has me a bit concerned since that isn’t always the most reliable thing out there.

Now, I did say “iPhone and iPod touch”, so why is this on a tablet site? The standard sized Ubooly is for iPhones and iPod touches only – naturally, seeing that this requires a case – but there’s also a much bigger version for the iPad. It’s $200 compared to $50, which honestly is a horribly price increase when all you’re doing is making a larger stuffed animal, but at the same time that larger Ubooly should be closer to other stuffed animals in size and less like the Furby. Video after the break.


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